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MikroTik LHG XL HP5 outdoor 300Mb/s 802.11a/n high power link / klijent do 40km, 27dBi / 6,4° dual chain grid antena 55cm, Nv2 TDMA, CPU 600Mhz, 64MB RAM, LAN + PoE injector + 24V

Šifra proizvoda: 6802

MP Cena sa PDV: 11.660,00
Prodajna cena11.660,00
Osnovna cena9.716,67
Iznos PDV-a1.943,33

Proizvod trenutno nije u maloprodaji a dostupan je, možete ga slobodno poručiti i dobićete odmah odgovor ili pozovete 011/213 55 20 ili pošaljete email sa upitom na, ili Roba može biti u centralnom magacinu, na carini, nije ažurirano stanje na sajtu ili je rezervisana.
LHG XL HP5 (extra large, high power)

Included parts: 24V 0.38A Power adapter, 2x metal rings, PoE injector, K-LHG kit

The LHG XL HP5 is a 5GHz 802.11 a/n wireless device with an integrated dual polarization 27 dBi grid antenna and 630mW TX output power, designed to reach up to 40km in point-to-point setups at full speed.
All units come with a PoE injector, power supply and pole mount, ready to be deployed.

CPU nominal frequency: 600 MHz
Size of RAM: 64 MB
Storage: 16 MB Flash
10/100 Ethernet ports: 1
Wireless Built-in: 5 GHz 802.11a/n, dual-chain
Wireless chip model: AR9344
Operating frequency: 5150 - 5875 MHz
Antenna gain: 27 +/- 0.5 dBi
Antenna beam width: 6,4°
Cross polar: 21 dBi
Port to port isolation: 18 dB
Front to back ratio: 35 dB
Return loss: 14 dB
VSWR: 1.5:1
PoE in: Yes
Supported input voltage: 10 V - 28 V (passive PoE)
Wind loading: 186N @ 205 km/h
Operating temperature: -40 to 70° C
Operating humidity: 5 to 95% noncondensing
Shock and vibration: ETSI300-019-1.4
ETSI specification: EN 302 326 DN2
Dimensions: Ø 550 x 245 mm; package 585 x 595 x 138 mm
Weight: Unit: 945 g; package: 2.99 kg
Max Power consumption: 7 W
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