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A-MHL-003 Micro-USB to HDMI 11 pin MHL (gb mp)


Šifra proizvoda: 3359

MP Cena sa PDV: 1.610,00
Prodajna cena1.610,00
Osnovna cena1.341,67
Iznos PDV-a268,33

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Opis: Micro-USB to HDMI adapter cable (MHL) Turns your phone's USB-port into a standard HDMI port Works with all 11-pin MHL enabled mobile phones and tablets Use the TV’s remote to control and access content on your phone Supports content with High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) Keeps your phone charged while connected

MHL is an HD video and audio interface for connecting mobile phones and other portable devices to HDTV’s and home entertainment systems. This MHL-adapter easily allows you to connect HDMI equipment to your phone’s USB-port and thus enables you to fully enjoy your phone’s video and audio content. When you add a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard you can turn your ordinary TV into an internet enabled media miracle in just seconds!
Easily connect your phone to a TV or home theater system
Use your phone or tablet as a media center
Keeps your phone charged and ready

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