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GVS124 VGA SPLITER 1 IN 4 Gembird (gb mp)


Šifra proizvoda: 3252

MP Cena sa PDV: 2.760,00
Prodajna cena2.760,00
Osnovna cena2.300,00
Iznos PDV-a460,00


Opis: Cost effective SOHO solution •Enables to use 4 monitors with one PC •No software required •Can also be used to attach monitor far away from PC (up to 75 meters) Features * Video Splitter is a VGA/SVGA splitting device which sends video signal of one PC to 4 monitors * Its built-in 200 MHz bandwidth amplifier not only increases the transmission distance to about 75 meters but also improves quality of the video signal Specifications * Power adapter: 9 VDC 500 mA * Input Connectors: 1 HD DB15 Female * Output Connectors: 4 HD DB15 Female * Resolution: up to 2048x1536 * Maximum transmission distance: up to 250 feet (75 meters) * Amplified signals: * a) Analogue: Red, Green, Blue video signals * b) TTL: Vertical and Horizontal synchronization signals * Case: Metal

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